Hudson, Quebec, Canada  
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Virtual Hudson
The town of Hudson, Quebec, its places, people and businesses online.


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  • (anne-marie leduc) sent the following from England

    hey hudson. i'm glad to see that there's a website for this amazing town. i miss you guys and hope to come back soon. e-mail me!!! anns*

  • (Morgan Bean) sent the following

    Just wanted to say hi to the class of 97!!!! Hope everyone is doing great.

  • (Cynthia Shinn) sent the following from Annapolis

    Hudson will always be home, and I,m fortunate enough to be able to get back frequently. It's great to have a home page to go to and hear from friends. Stay in touch

  • (Peter & Karen (Cluett) Frohloff) sent the following

    Ernst & Marian Frohloff, were married on September 20, 1947. Their sons Rick (Christine), Peter (Karen) and their daughter Cathy (Willi), along with granddaughters Vicki, Holly, Melissa, Heidi and Jade invite friends and relatives to join them for a SURPRISE PARTY on Saturday, September 20 2-5pm at St Mary's Parish Hall, Main Road, Como. If you'd like to send wishes, please EMail Rick ( or Peter (

  • (John Majchrowicz) sent the following

    This was a very pleasant surprise I found on the internet one night. If anyone out there sees this and would like to get in touch with me, just e-mail me anytime. I really this that town and I feel that I don't get back there enough. Even though we all grow and change, it's nice to see that our hometown always remains the same.

  • (jack layton) sent the following

    My Mom and Dad will be celebrating 50 years together on March 6, 1998. We are recruiting "favourite memories" from friends of all kinds from every part of their background. These will be assembled into an album for their anniversary party. There'll also be a party/reception when they come back from Florida. At any rate, I wondered if youcould post a note about this on the Hudson Web site and/or whether it would be nice to put something in the Hudson Gazette. Contributions of 'memories' could be sent to Nancy Layton, Head of School, Bishops College School, Lennoxville, Quebec.

  • (david Scott) sent the following

    Thanks for a great site. Hudson is obviously still something special. Any survivors of the class of 64 out there? I'm playing at Doc/parent/adult way out here in Portland Oregon. Best wishes to HHS and Hudson.

  • (Garth and Nancy Sinclair) sent the following

    Hello peoples of Hudson! My wife (Nancy Simpson) hails from Hudson, summer of sweat, winter of ice, spring and falls of great beauty (once the grass is green, not brown!) We are very pleased to announce that Nancy is pregnant and expecting in the middle of February! Take care and I'm sure NANCY would like some e-mail from her hometown eh?

  • (Karen Barclay & Hal Patterson) sent the following

    Amazing! Just here two months now and as some of you know was home recently for my father. Hal and I would love to hear from some of you! It is hard to fit in to the West after a lifetime in the East but easier knowing even Hudson is on line! If any of you know us and are here in Calgary. Come and see us!

  • (Paul McMenamin) sent the following

    Trust Hudson! A community web site. It is great to see it, and is a clear indication of the vitality in the town. I have visited on several occaisons in recent years but have never met up with old friends. My family lived in Hudson from 1959 'till 1972 (or so), Main Road and then Cedar Avenue. For anybody who remembers me,"Mince says Hi". If you don't send e-mail, and trade new stories. I am living in Istanbul, Turkey now, making sure that Nortel puts more telecom gear in service around the world than anybody else, eh? You can also reach me at Selam!

  • (Paul Tagney) sent the following

    We've added a Hudson Village link to our Home Language site. It feels great to be a part of Hudson again. I'll be visiting the site regularly to see who else adds their name to the list. I'm thinking of sending a few trivia questions to test the memories of other survivors from the '50's.

    More fun thoughts to follow over the months to come. All my best to you and all involved in the Hudson page.


  • (casey) sent the following

    Robert Mortimer Gale @ Chateau Du Lac

    I've been put on assignment to investigate some questionable money transactions from the former Romanian government to Swiss Banks, in Lucerne..

    I am currently emailing this to you, while flying over the Atllantic. Therefore, I will be unable to perform a hypnosis show for your tavern, July 7 - 12th. I am hopeful we can re-schedule when the investigation is over, and I have restored order to Romania, & indirectly, Eastern Europe.

    Your Pal, Peoples

  • (Rod Deacon) sent the following:

    Hello Hudson, from Victoria, British Columbia

    A Few Ex-patriate Hudsonites are putting together an "out-of-towner" directory. It will be known as either "Well Beyond the Village Pump" or "When Did the Bowling Alley Burn Down?: The Next Generation."

    If you've lived in Hudson and would like to add your name to this expanding e-mail directory of former residents, send an E-mail to Rod Deacon in Victoria ,or Gary Houghton in Vancouver or Peter Raven in Calgary .

    We have lively chats once a week or so and exchange news and gossip, trips and plans. Join us.


    How's the view from the yacht club terrace these days?

    BTW, this Electronic Hudson Village is a heck of a neat idea. Does away with the need to install a fancy traffic light at the corner of Main and Cameron, yes?

    Rod Deacon (home) (work)

  • (Bruce McLean) sent the following
  • Hi all nice to see this site. Get homesick sometimes and it would be nice to hear from some of the old gang. ie hudson elementry school then hudson high. Any body remember the good old time email me, Toronto is not the same as Hudson

  • (Gwen Qu Tran) sent the following:
  • My name is Gwen Qu Tran. I am seeking your help in an attempt to locate a long lost school friend. Her maiden name was Marie Belle-Isle however she may have changed her last name after marriage. She would be approximately 42 years of age.

    If you know of her or of anyone who might know of her please let me know. I think she married someone of the last name Pesenti and they may live in the Hudson area of Quebec.

    If you know of names of next of kin, parents, siblings or children, that would also help as would any email addresses.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • (Paul Tagney) sent the following
  • I lived in Hudson from 1954-66. I'd love to hear from anyone who was in Hudson during those special years, especially if we knew each other and have some memories to share. I spent this last Winter working as a snowboard instructor in North Vancouver. It was great to find the Hudson web-site. I'll be checking in from time to time for more news and contacts. Hope to hear from someone soon. Please add my e-mail address to your list. Thanks!

  • (Dan Deveau) sent the following
  • HELLO OUT THERE!!!! This is Deveau sending a big thanx out to hudson for 3 good years of living. I'd just like to say hi to any of my friends that might be reading this (that goes out to teachers too!!!) and remind u guys that i love u all and will be sure to get back there as soon as i can (that would be my birthday for those of you who know when that is!!). well if there's anyone reading this who'd like to get in touch with me my email address is at the top of the message and i'm always open to some gets kinda lonely out here in the middle of nowhere (we call it school). well later guys, and hope to see you all soon!!!!

  • (Rod Hodgson) sent the following
  • Hello Hudson from sunny Florida, Tallahassee!! Lovely weather and not cold, ha! ha!. Take care dear old Hudson. Bye for now, Rod

  • (Harold Kerr) sent the following
  • Just passing through. Just wondering if anyone out there remembers when the Kerr's lived, first on Selkirk Ave. and then on Upper McNaughton Ave. If you do drop me some E-mail. As always ,a special howdy to Peter and Karen Frohloff from grampa Kerr.

  • (Les Walsh) sent the following (from Bangkok)
  • Howdy to Hudson from the far side of the bloody planet. If there's anyone out there who still remembers me and would like to keep in touch, drop a line. Special greetings to Clan Layton, wherever you all may be.

  • (David Deveau) sent the following
  • I used to live in hudson and feel kindof home sick. things chnage when you move. Now i know that i can e-mail hudson. thanks. dave deveau

  • (Holly Amanda Frohloff) sent the following
  • my name is already on there but I would like, if possible, to have the Trent University page's address beside my name so people can check out the cool university that I'm attending!

  • (Katherine (Jephcott) Warren) sent the following
  • I was saddened to hear the news of Linda Kirby's untimely death and would like to convey my condolences to her family. Just last week I was showing my sister a photo of Peggy Chamard and Linda Kirby and myself horsing around our lawn and I commented on what an attractive gal she was even at such a young age. It is unfortunate that so many of us don't stay in touch over the years, only to wish we had, and then it is too late. Would love to hear from any other class of "59'rs" out there. I can be emailed at the above address.

  • (Wilf Hall) sent the following
  • The St. Mary's windows page is super Bert. I love it. I will pass the news along to all at the vestry meeting tonight. You might want add a connection to the ALPHA home page. It is as follows: You might find it interesting.

  • (Angie Hamson) sent the following
  • hey, if anyone out there remembers me. i doubt it. i just wanted to say that Hudson rocks, and i miss it tons. Ottawa's not that bad, but it's not Hudson. If anyone knows me, or wants to, just email me!

  • (Kevin King) sent the following
  • Hi there. Wow, what a great site! Yes, it took a while to download and was worth it. It's good to see a site with a lot of GOOD info and go the extra mile to create a "different" place to go. And from Canada! I found by grazing through the Yellow Pages by the way. Under "Whats New". I noticed a few new Canadians actually. The actual company you were linked to was your site designer. I am very impressed with the outcome. I, myself, have been experimenting with publishing and maintaining a site for the entertainment industry ( music/ arts ) in our area. I see now how it could develop into something a much bigger! Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks for the eye opener, Kevin King, Alliston, ON

  • (Fred Jacobs) sent the following
  • A map of Hudson would be nice to see.