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Hudson Messages,
Winter (undated), 2000

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Carol Moffett Smart email:

Hi from Carol Moffett Smart: e-mail me at I graduated from HHS in 1966. My mother, Bea Moffett, was the kindergarten teacher for many years. Her last teaching days were in 1966. My brother,Bruce, now lives in Norman Wells, NWT. He is on the internet and can be reached thru me. He has just started an outdoor fishing experience thing. After high shcool I started working at Sir George Willaims University (now Concordia) and eventually married a man called Bruce Smart (originally from UK). We started farming (cow/calf) in St-Polycarpe and for those that did car rallying that is past St-Clet but before the Ontario border. We have three sons: first one Andrew 21 (now in Bus.Admin at Concordia, middle-man Miles 17 2nd semester JAC (great kid and handsome) and last-one Luke 15(my problem child ADD but also handsome). When Luke was 2 we moved back into Hudson but the outskirts with 4 acres so we could raise sheep. My husband then discovered Border Collies and that is now his scene. He retired at 60 a few years ago and travels with his dogs to NE USA and PQ and Ont doing the trials. My mother turned 90 Jan 99. Paul Mcmenamin: where is your brother? Where is Bill Fabro? I now live in the Galagher house beside the Smardon's old house, across from the Sorenson's old house and near the Hodgsons - concidence for those of us who know the Herridges. Yves Archer, a supposed expert in Year 2000 computer problems now lives in the old Smardon house. Many changes in Hudson but that is progress. The girls of 1966 and 67 are celebrating their 50th this year. We will be meeting in Hudson at the end of May for our own little bash: Joanne Hagberg Munzar, Sheila Craig Casgrain, Shelagh Walsh Lyon, Sheila Richardson Blainey, Ann Wells ?, Linda Hulley Mays, Ann Whiting Laurie (I hope), Laurel Almond, Debbie Mills? and would be nice Gillian Brooks. If you see us goofy girls of 1966 roaming around give a cheer. Bye for now...Carol

Rick Acres email:

The memories come flooding back as I read through some of the messages left by "old timers". The bottle races, the opening day for the "draft room" at the Chateau...the car rally races organized by BOBO and Mike, Peter Frohloff tied ...was it naked? the telephone pole in front of the cop shop...this after a day of visiting every little tavern within 30 miles and then being paraded through town in a bathtub on a trailer full of "smelly oozy stuff". I have pictures to attest! I doubt if there's a place on earth that comes close to Hudson...I certainly haven't found it.

Alexandria Hamilton email:

I've been out west (Alberta) for 6 years now, but try to make it back home atleast once a year. It seems that all the HHS '84 grads left town as soon as they could, I have not run into anyone for years. If anyone is out there drop me a line. And if you want to see my new home, check out my work site. It's not Hudson, but it ain't bad.

Roland Goudreau email:

I ended up at this site by accident and was quite surprised that it was the same Hudson that I grew up in. The memories just take you back when you read about Bens (what about Rollerama) (not that I was ever there, nor did I fall in love with _ _ _ _. Does anyone remember the "fleapit". The first movie I saw there (or anywhere) was Jaws. What about Camp Anderson ... a place that changed and redirected my life. I would be happy to hear from anyone that still remembers the camp. What a disappointment when I went to visit my old place (the camp) and saw the "HUDSON CLUB". I felt so hurt and alone when I saw the "changes". Is Dave Woodger still an officer in Hudson? Is Andy F. still around or did the drums get the best of him? I would like to say thanks to Jacques if he is still around (Mallet). Teachers from 70's, where are they? Is "Huddy" (Mr. Walsh) still around? What about JC from "Mullan's"?

G. Leger email:

Hi to people of Hudson, Can anyone tell me if there is any good pubs or bar to perform in your area , we are a duo and love your area , thanks.

Julie (Guimont) Meinbresse email:

I used to live in Como from 1975-79, and thought it would be pretty cool to see what's happened to the old town. I started thinking about sailing lessons at the yacht club and swim lessons--what's happening with everybody????? In '79 I was in the 7th grade at Hudson High sharing a locker with April Graham, now-20 yrs. later I live in Virginia with a husband, 2 kids, a dog and 2 cats. I would love to hear from anyone. Let's see if the internet really does work!!!!take care.

Anne Elliott email:

Yes, I remember Bens, the Chateau, the Willows and the Yacht Club - all great memories! I couldn't believe it when I found this site on Hudson - what a great idea! Anyhow, it was fun reading all the messages. I lived in Hudson from 1965-1974 and since then have been living in England, Victoria, Toronto and now I'm finally back in Quebec living in Aylmer across from Ottawa. I'd love to hear from anyone out there who might remember me - when I lived in Hudson I used to be known as Anne Mitchell and my father still lives in the area on Oakrdige in St. Lazare. Its weird that whenever I visit I never bump into anyone I know - so send me an e-mail at!!

Shayna Gourgourinis email:

HEY fellow Hudsoners, its been awhile since I left, just wanted to tell all of you that I'll never forget, thanks for the memories! I've left Florida and now play soccer at Elon College in NC. IT'S NOT HUDSON THOUGH, EH!

Jack Lemay email:

Your the first Town in Quebec to pass a bylaw to outlaw pesticides application in your territorie(?). Do you have a site (Web page) to communicate information about " How you did it" ? Thanks.

Peter Geier email:

A couple of years ago , I was introduced io Hudson , by a nice sweet good looking Person . Since then , I fall in love with Hudson . I travel all over the World on my Job . I never found somthingh more peacefull and nice as Hudson,PQ . It is nice to see a Home Page on the Tnternet . maybe I can make more Friends . Greetings from a temporary Home at Pensacola,FL

Wendy Purdy email:

HI GUYS just looking at all these messages and remembering all the wonderful times...I miss you kids! I'm sleepless in Seattle, so send us some mail. Alan, Rob and Lewis say Hi to everyonexxxx

Scott Smardon email:

I just returned from another stint in Beijing and Shanghai and I was thinking that it has been so long since I visited the old home town. So I decided to see if the town had a home page. What caught my attention was the question as to whether or not the Chateau still served cold "quarts"-god I hope so!!!!! By the way, you can't go anywhere on this planet without running into someone from Hudson-even on the great wall.

Morgan Bean email:

I just want to say hi to everyone back in Hudson. And a special hello to the Hudson High Grad Class of 1997. I miss you all. Morgan (Calgary, Alberta)

Pamela Aimee Longhurst email:

I am looking for any history on The Willows. My family, the Saunderson's used to live in Hudson and at one time owned the Willows. Any information would be very much appreciated. I love Hudson and have visited many times. Thank you