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Virtual Hudson
The town of Hudson, Quebec, its places, people and businesses online.


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Fraser Drummond,

This is a great website. Many, many ex-Hudsonites log on to try to stay connected to the community. Thank you for your efforts, they are appreciated from afar!

Cathy Rattray, e-mail:

This is a wonderful site - CONGRATULATIONS TO THOSE OF YOU RESPONSIBLE. Well I was now happy to find this site - I often wander what has become of my friends in Hudson and especially the class of 1960. My father as you know was the Principal and loved his job and the people of Hudson. I have been in the School business for over 35 years both as an owner and in Admissions. I live in Tampa, Fl - Have two grown daughters and am getting older by the minute. I could tell some good stories about my times with friends in Hudson - It could make a good book - My parents are both in Hudson at the graveyard on Cote St. Charles - I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.

Danielle Murray, e-mail:

What a great site! Brings back lovely memories! Looking for all grads from the HHS Class of '81. Big reunion planned in year 2004 for Classes 78-82 and hoping to reach as many of you out there as possible. Please let me know if you are out there!!! Danielle Murray Maungaturoto, New Zealand

Phillip Thompson, e-mail:

Could all the grads from 78/79/80 please contact me (PhillipThompson) at: Pardon the email title it's something my dog does while sleeping beside my computer table. There is a few of us that have been exchanging emails about getting these three years all together in 2004. As you can see it's just in the planing, so it's up to you to make the contact! If you know of a grad that has no email, but has snail mail or a phone number, please forward that as well. Lets make this happen! Respectfully Phillip Thompson

Brian Parkinson, e-mail:

My email address has changed since the last time I checked this page. Are there any of the old gang from Lussiers still out there besides me and Judy Thompson?. Judy, remember when the bakery burned down? We were supposed to be in Leverettes biology class then but skipped out. Would love to hear from any grads from HHS '68 or 69 and/or teachers. (Mrs. Payton are you out there?) Great to have a site like this to stay connected.

Chris, e-mail:

messages: hi there !! i am actually looking for an old hudsonite.....erica c. .......if you know her email me please !!

Jan van der Heide, e-mail:

I'm interested in the history of Dutch settlers in Canada and the USA. In the beginning of 1600 an English sea-captain, named HUDSON, who worked for the Dutch authority's, visited the area wich is now known as the State of New York and the claimed the area for the Dutch Authority's. Several city's in the USA called HUDSON are named for him. Is your city also named for him? You could do me a great pleasure with this information. Thank you for your attention. greetings from the Netherlands, J.G. v.d. Heide Haskertille 14 8465 SM OUDEHASKE The Netherlands

Craig Murphy email:

Hey Hudson, it's been awhile, maybe some of you remember me- Craig Murphy, class of '89, A.K.A. murf, smurf, golfball, etc... Living in U.S.A. love to hear from ya.

Laurie Witney email:

Looking for Joy Haver. Please contact me,

Scott Dempsey email:

Hello from Victoria B.c, a place with just as good of a view as the HYC. Found a place that reminded me alot of the Chateau du Lac but their owners had the right idea and tore it down to accomodate a plaza. Winter out here sure beats shoveling snow back east. For all those who read my famous articles in the Hudson rag about my trips over seas with the Navy, I quit the navy 4 years ago and now work for the provincial government. I'm married with 2 kids and have actually settled down to the surprise of any one who knew me when I was growing up.Later from the land of beautiful weather.

Richard and Lisa Therrien email:

Hello Hudson People! just catching up on local Hudson news. Hi to Linda, Paul, Brandon and Noah, miss you lots! Hi to everybody else there....hope to be back for a visit soon! Is it hot there yet? It's been beautiful here on Crescent Beach! living by the ocean does have it's benifites. Cheers!

Heather Aldred-Trepanier email:

Miss Hudson. Not too many people left there. This will be the first year since I moved that I won't be back for the summer. It will be different. I miss the Yacht Club. For those that remember me, I'm living in Woodstock Ont. Working at the YMCA. Still doing some work in Aquatics. My sister Jane is in Burlington, Ont. Mom, Jean Aldred, moved to Tillsonburg in November and is loving it! Dad, Ernie Aldred, passed away January 1999. I have two kids and would love to hear from members of the grad class of 1983 or anyone else who remembers me. Talk to you soon.

Jan Van Kessel email:

Attn Mr. Ernest Savage, You did not leave an e-mail message. I think the house in question is indeed on brisbain. I think the owners are "William (bill) and Aukje Renault". The house has expanded over the years, to the left front a garage has been added, in the back a living room. If you e-mail me your e-mail address I will e-mail you a picture of what this house looks like today. Kind Regards from Hudson Jan van Kessel Selkirk Avenue

Judy (thompson)Menard email:

Hi, from lovely east shore Nova Scotia,Love your home page, miss Hudson and all the old gang that hung around Lucies' back in the late 60's. where are you Patty Wibe, Brian Parkinson, John Donaldson, Lois Simpson to name a few...would love to hear from you.

Phil Desroches email:

Hi there: I hope you can help me out...Back in '73-'74 family friends of mine named Kennedy moved to hudson and bought a little gift shop on main street. They probably also sold antiques. I was only there once. Anyways I was wondering if you have/had any information on the store or the where-abouts of the owner June, or the kids Scott and Darcy. Has the store re-located or closed. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Ernest Savage

Dear Sir/Madam, Do any of your members recognise this house? I lived in it from 1943 to 1945. It was in Hudson Heights and I believe it may have been in Brisbane Avenue. I was only a child when I left with my parents Kenneth and Margaret Savage to go to England, which for my parents was a return but which for me was a move to a totally new country. Although it was a new country I have remained there ever since. Both my parents are now dead. However, I am hoping to return in August to revisit old haunts and would welcome any information about the place. In particular if there any people who remember me or my parents and who would like to get in touch, I would welcome your letters or E-mails. Hoping to hear from you "Laneside" Croasdale Drive
Wigan WN8 7HR
United Kingdom