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Kathie Warren Jephcott email:

For the mystrey person who left those hints in a previous message, whoever you are, you had to be in our grade or our age. I was wondering if this person is one of the Levignes (Wally's girls)? Just can't quite remember where Elm is. Egads maybe it's Jack Crombie! I love the Hudson site, it keeps us young forever!! You newer Hudson-ites, you just can't imagine how great it used to be! It's frustrating to come "home" and not see all the familiar faces we were used to, I guess that's progress....or is it. Would love to hear from some of my old classmates - the best class ever in HHS - the whacky class of '59.

Sarah email:

I'm looking for any information regarding a woman by the name of Anna De Romer. She lived in Hudson and died somewhere around 1895. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

Andrew Gagnon email:

Anyone like to chat about old times, or brush up on whats happened between then & now contact me!! Where is Ron Low anyway???!!!

Les Walsh email:

Like many Hudsonites, I've somehow managed to end up living on the far side of the world (Bangkok)but I'm always amazed, amused and thankful for the shared memories that flow back through this wonderful site. Keep em coming, folks. PS: Yes, Huddy Walsh is alive and well and serving as a Hudson counsellor.

Mike Binda email:

Would like to thank those who brought me home after the "pit party"and saved my life.Many thanks.You know who you are.

Chuck Stikes email: cstokes


David Scott email:

Those of you who went to HHS in the late 60s and 70s may remember my mother Lois Scott who was the guidance counsellor at HHS during those years. She just died unexpectedly at age 82 at her winter home in Mesa Arizona probably of a stroke. She is greatly missed by her husband, three children and many grandchildren. She loved HHS and Hudson

Suzanne Guindon email:

I am trying to track down my family history: my grandfather's name was Joseph Hector Guindon (he died and was buried in the Hudson Heights area), my father's name: Clarence Hector Guindon, they didn't live in the town of Hudson but on a farm in the area around Hudson called Hudson Heights. The farm had apple orchards, my grandfather built the house my father grew up in and it didn't have any metal nails, all done by wooden pegs. Grandfather was a master carpenter and farmer. My grandfather fell seriously ill in his youth and lost one of his lungs. He lived the balance of his life with only one lung! The house eventually was sold by my father's sister, Gladys Guindon (married name Alexander) to a doctor and his wife, his wife bred dogs from the property.

My father would have been born in Hudson Heights in the early 1920's, and stayed in the community until he was sent away to war in the 2nd world war. Years ago my father suffered a massive stroke, and his mind 'is gone'. I am trying to build a family tree to give to my brothers young children (age 1-1/2 and 5) so they will know of their French Quebec heritage. I am very proud of my French heritage and hope one day when they get older they will wonder about their heritage too, and I want to leave them some information about where they descend from. It seems these days that people don't care very much about this. What a shame, so much history lost!

I'm hoping you could suggest someone in Hudson who is interested in the history of the area that may be able to help me track down some information.The only other thing I know is that the Guindon's had cousins in the Wilson family.

The Guindons in Hudson Heights immigrated from the south of France (about the same time that Cartier first came to Canada). Settled the Gaspe, the ones that survived the first winter there (lots of people didn't survive the harsh conditions), they then moved down the St. Lawrence, and settled in the area that my father calls "Hudson Heights". My grandfather, I believe had about 17 brothers and sisters!

Not much to go on! I think this will be a very difficult job if not impossible.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

I am located in Manitoba.

Bon Jour!

Maureen Grisdale (now Blackler) email:

It was great finding this site by chance! Jackie, Jamie and Maureen Grisdale who lived in Hudson from about 1952 until 1969 at the end of Maple Avenue. Spent many years as members of the Hudson yacht Club (lived there in summer..swimming, water-skiing, sailing, etc!), also spent much time at Simon's farm with our horses! As I read through the many emails I recognized so many names, it was great! Jackie lives in Guelph, Jamie is a dentist in Vancouver and I live in Kitchener. I see that Mrs. Layton is now headmistress at Bishop's College School, interesting since I was actually looking for King's hall, Compton where I spent my last few years of high School. Anyone who wishes to email pls feel love to hear from you.

Ian Walker email:

I am trying to collect data from all old HYC members.Have a data base at present of about 13K all past members of HYC. If you are a past members of HYC would like to mail you the information I have at present and let you correct or add information. HYC is trying to produce a HYC history in 2009 on it's 100th birthday. Would you like your name in the history book ? All stories,information etc. would be most interesting. Please pass on this to any past HYC members not on E-Mail. My address is Ian Walker, Box 1246, 113 McNaughten, Hudson QC J0P 1H0. I am also a stamp collector.

Gini Walsh email:

Hello Hudson, I lived in Hudson Heights many years ago. My family moved there from Montreal when I was 2 years old and I lived there until I was 4 years old. I still remember it as a most special place. We lived on Victoria Ave. right across from a farm. Now I live ON a farm in Metchosin near Victoria, B.C. and it reminds me a lot of my paradise in Hudson Heights. Funny world, n'est ce pas? If you want to visit our website, please do.

Lorraine Krakow (Rowell)

Lorraine Rowell says hello to anyone who remembers. I lived in Hudson from 1946 to 1966, my mother is living there still. I have lived in Vancouver most of my adult life. This is a beautiful city but you can't beat Hudson as a wonderful place to grow up. Memories: biking down the big hill on Cote St. Charles before it was paved.... hanging out at Simons Farm for endless summer days - they must have been saints to put up with us.....walking in the woods to Simons Farm on a snowy moonlit night....getting soakers falling through the ice in the creek that crosses the golf club.... the bottle race in the spring....sleigh rides followed by hot beans with hotdogs at the park in winter....walking home from school with a gang of girls singing songs in harmony.....Mr. Zapaly, the math teacher throwing my desk upside down (with me in it) just because I was bent over for half the class writing designs in my new fuzzy hush a little girl with my sisters, swinging in the local park as high as we could go when the train was passing by to impress the conductor that Hudson kids could swing the highest!.....what a boon it was to our social lilfe when the bowling alley was built, prior to that the only way teens could congregate in the cold season was at the skating rink or in Bens.... What a great place to grow up, I hope the kids now are still having a great time. I live with my three daughters (11, 16, &19) and my mate Peter in a housing co-op in Vancouver. For many years I was involved in The Vancouver Women's Health Collective and the environmental movement. Accounting is what I do for money. My mate is a furniture maker, cabinet maker. Apart from the grey hair life is good.

Patricia (Melnychyn) Tseplaev email:

HELLO!! My friend Susan Sterling sent me this site. She graduated from Hudson High School. I left Hudson in grade 8(1980 I think) but have wonderful childhood memories of the scenery, playing in the woods, etc.I ended up at Mcgill, but never ran into anyone I knew from school there. I have 3 kids, ranging for 1yr to 10 yr old and we're homeschoolers! We just moved to Brooklyn, NY from beautiful Seattle where we will hopefully return in 3 yrs. Feel free to email me if anyone out there remembers me!

Phillip Thompson email:

Excellent Site! I have information that might make all the old grads of HHS happy. If they check out Grads Online they might be able to find more info on past allumni.