Hudson, Quebec, Canada  
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The town of Hudson, Quebec, its places, people and businesses online.


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Hudson Messages,
April to May, 2001

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Congratulations on your stand re pesticides. Many are watching you legal battle. May the court decision be in your favour. I would like to contact any one who can walk me through the process you took in reaching the no pesticide position and, if possibe to obtain a copy of the by-law(s) eliminating pesticde use. Please contact Howard at
H Williams <>
barrie, ON Canada - Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 20:34:13 (EDT)

Greetings! I would imagine that the grass has all been raked and is summer green instead of winter brown, the leaves are on the trees and the hint of humidity to come has touched you all. Nancy (Simpson), myself and our two daughters now live in Prince Rupert and have been here for almost a year. Prince Rupert is in many ways like Hudson but without the history... or the Chateau. We often think of Hudson, where Nancy grew up and where I have visited many many times but alas, cannot afford to visit anymore (until the kids can do a HUGE drive...). Take care all and if you remember Nancy or myself, please send us an email. Regards, Garth
Garth and Nancy Sinclair <>
Prince Rupert, BC Canada - Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 16:29:24 (EDT)
Hello!!!! I am so excited, do you all remember me??? One of the three Jensen sisters. I have thought of you all so much these past years, wondering what you were all up to and where you were. Especially all the folks from the MUSIC CLUB and the PLAYERS CLUB, and ST. MARY'S children's choir. Now this great site pops up and I see so many names I know. Horray! Well, I am here in Winnipeg Manitoba, where the whole family moved about 3 years ago, having lived in downtown Montreal for 4 years. I attended Dawson College, and finished up a degree in the theatre program there, only to stop my acting career with a halt. So we all picked up and left, and came here. Kimberly and I wander a lot, she travels to New York and Miami and well all over, while I take trips back East and try to save up to go to England, where I spent some time a few years ago. (I always swore I would, and I did. Love it madly and know its my true home, pricy though, my wallet disaproves!) When I'm not working at a local antique store, I'm trying to jump start a writing career. My sister Merit is producing a show Kim and I are writing. and my first novel is progressing well. I was at University for a stint, studying religion, a bit of a switch from Drama, but I needed balance in my life. I loved it. Now I'm trying to merge them. Anyway, Jennifer, sister #4 is in Edmonton working on The world track and field games, gone a long way from SMing Oliver!!! Other than that the family's all doing well. Dad's fully retired, curling and golfing. Mom is still Moming, if not grandmothering and always bettering our big, old, fixer upper of a house. I would love to hear from you all. I have such incredibly fond memories of Hudson, I miss those days so much. Contact me everyone, I'm great at email and I've been wondering about everyone. Oh yeah, does anyone have a new address for WENDY and ALAN PURDY? the one on this site doesn't work. And MR. ERNEST SAVAGE, I know your house well! It is 67-69 Brisbane Ave, Hudson Heights. Amazing little place and my home for 8 years!!!!! I loved the picture and can scan a more recent one if you want me to. Feel free to write. Lots of Love and God bless. Chris
Christina Jensen <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 21:21:33 (EDT)
From around the globe. Stumbling through the net as you do in the down time at work, looking for the glimpse of the past or memories that once were, Hudson, the times that stand still. Flashes from my youth intensify as I surf through the Hudson sites. The snow, the lake, the yacht club, pleasant memories from HHS (even the teachers- believe it or not) A mystic place from where I can draw stories of growing up, stories of fact that read like fiction here in Australia. Explaining to Aussie's that you don't need to go to school or make it to work because the pipes are frozen, the snow banks are to high, or the trees have fallen due to freezing rain. Collecting Mr. Simon's horses that have broken out and are grazing on our lawn, out does many kangaroo or dingo story's by far. My daughter of one, points to pictures of snow and stammers out "Canda", picks up her stuffed moose, turns in wonderment and utters Dad--dy. For many of us that have relocated around the globe or throughout the vast lands of Canada, would agree that Hudson was and always will be the wonderland of our hearts. To everyone I know from these days, thanks.
Michael C Young <>
Brisbane, Australia - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 20:19:52 (EDT)
The name "Hudson" conjures up so many memories of Ben's, the pit parties, the Chateau and Willow place, etc. Even though I didn't live there, some of you from the 70's should remember me zipping around town on my bike along with Peter Frohloff, Bruce Macdonald, Mike Binda, Roddy Hodgson et al. I spent more time in Hudson than I did at home! The Foxes Den (I believe that was the name of the bar) used to run a car rally on the Labour Day weekend. The last time I attended was about 10 years ago and I was wondering if it is still operating. If some one could let me know I would appreciate it as it would give me a great reason to get off my butt and visit the best town in Quebec.
Jeremy Gregson <jeremyg55@hotmail,com>
Collingwood, ON Canada - Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 13:24:02 (EDT)
I was so excited to find this page! I have been missing Hudson quite a bit lately, I need to come home! I have been living in Winnipeg for the past 2 1/2 years. I am working at Air Canada as a customer sales and service agent.
Leigh Nash <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 17:58:00 (EDT)
Hello all. Although I didn't graduate in '78 with the rest of you (due to my move to Edmonton in 76), am tickled to be thinking of attending the reunion in 2003. Would be very interested in renewing contact with former HHS band mates and others from 73-76.. I played French horn and sang in the choir. I remember a few names from this list, and many more from the list that Phillip and others are compiling for the reunion. Please drop me a line if you would like to chat. I have wonderful memories of our time in Hudson (we moved there for the Olympics as my dad Len was with CBC, and my late mother Audrey Farnell Chapple (who sadly passed away in 1995) was a singer and was very involved in Wyman Memorial). Would love to hear from former classmates and family friends. Am particularly interested in locating Belinda Hartley (Loy ?)if anyone knows of her location, I'd love to hear from her. Best to you all and happy spring.
Nancy Chapple <>
Beeton, Ont Canada - Wednesday, April 18, 2001 at 09:21:48 (EDT)
I've had many fond memories re-kindled by simply having read the postings ! I recognised only a relatively few names and would like to re-establish contact with many more ! I would particularly enjoy hearing from others from the Class of '74 as well as anyone else whom I've had the pleasure of spending time with and getting to know. P.S. I also learned to properly (but thoroughly) appreciate and enjoy the recreational aspects of life while at HHS !
Cedric Vas <>
Brantford, ON Canada - Saturday, April 14, 2001 at 02:03:10 (EDT)
As I stumbled across this site it brought a smile to my face. Having recently lost both my father and "gran" it was nice to reminisce about my time spent in Hudson (growing up where everyone knew everything about you !!) When are the grads of 1986 getting together for a reunion ? Look forward to hear from anyone of "my era".
Christine Bird (Chalupka) <>
- Friday, April 13, 2001 at 13:55:55 (EDT)
last november 2000 i briefly visited your area and have been wishing i had my camera that day. i stood at the bottom of willow inn and looked across to the church and village across the lake. would anyone have a picture with that view that they wouldnt mind scanning and sharing with me via email. i hope to return next year and have a longer visit in your lovely village. thank you.
jill smith <>
perth , australia - Friday, April 13, 2001 at 11:49:38 (EDT)
Hello Hudson, just stumbled across this site and thought I'd leave a little message. I'm working for Disney Cruise Line now aboard the Disney Wonder and I'm currently sitting in a little internet Cafe in Nassau, Bahamas. I'm looking forward to coming home for my vacation - best wishes to all!
Jonathan Tom <>
Disney Wonder, Carribean International Waters - Friday, April 06, 2001 at 12:05:40 (EDT)