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The town of Hudson, Quebec, its places, people and businesses online.


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Hudson Messages,
March to April, 2006

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Greetings! This is Mr. E....I did my student teaching for Art Education at the high school back in fall/winter of 96. I was from Ohio & part of the international student teaching program of BGSU. Hoping to reconnect with the teachers & students that I worked with during my time.
Ted Edinger <>
Nashville, TN USA - Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 16:02:25 (EDT)

Hello All Hudsonites! My parents still live in St-Lazare... I went to grade school in Hudson at St-Thomas D'Aquinan d then went to highschool at College Bourget in Rigaud. Does anyone remember graduating St-Thomas in 1985? Do the names Valerie Rinfret, Philip Hofton, Tanya Kruyt, Sabrina Bourre, Patrick McEvenue, Robin Woronko, Sheri Lee Baily, Carol-Anne Smith, etc. ring any bells??? If so, I would loove to know where they went and how life has been treating them. They can write me at
Caudine Nicol <>
Pierrefonds, QC Canada - Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 23:44:24 (EDT)
Hello, I just created a Web site, a sort of scrapbook about my life and memories in Hudson. I hope you enjoy it:

Yuki Evoy <>
Montreal, Qc Canada - Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 21:11:10 (EDT)

Hey all you Hudsonites! Yeah some of you may still remember me and so I figure it's time to say hello. My family moved away from Hudson in 1977 when the Quebecquois made everything French. Some of you may remember my Grandfather was Hudson High Schools' custodian for nearly 12years (if not more) from the 1960's to 1974 when he retired. His name was Max Becker. Yeah, he was a great guy and a great Grandfather. I started school at Hudson High in 1968 in kindergarten when Hudson High had public & high school combined. Everybody new my Grandfather as "Max" and soon the older grades called me "Little Becker!" I was honored to start at Hudson High in this way. I know that some of you have stayed and remember my Grandfather, so I figure I say a hello to you all and let you know that it has been a pleasure being apart of Hudson in those days. People I still know in Hudson are those as follows..... David Woodger (now a Policeman), JP Malette, Spencer Watley (owner of MonVillage), Ken Hodgsen, David Jones, Tim Ellis, Kim & Ross MacKinnley, Michael Rhode ( gutten tac!) and many others. Just to let you all know, Max was always out there for the team spirit of Hudson High and he always made the effort to show interest to the students well being, support in sports athletics..."Hudson High's football team...touch down!!" and many more. I can type only so much but would enjoy to be posted for this little moment in history. All the best Hudson, you're in my family's heart forever. Sincerely, Brian Witt.
Brian Witt <>
Brampton, ont. Canada - Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 02:06:15 (EDT)
I am looking to make contact with Shelley Freeman, who I believe attended York University in Toronto from 1970-1974.A group of us who were with her in Toulouse, France 1972-1973 would like to catch up!
Heather Pye
Toronto, ON, Canada - Friday, April, 7, 2006 at 00:01:28 (EST)
Just found this website today. It's great. Hi to Brian Parkinson and Judy Menard. Tried emailing at the addresses given but they're too old. Get in touch.
Lois (Simpson) Donaldson
Ashton, Ontario, Canada - Wednesday, April, 5, 2006 at 21:53:49 (EST)
Hello! First, this is a lovely site!!! My husband lived in Hudson a little over 21 years ago. His name is Mark Marvin and he lived with his parents, Darlene and Byron Marvin. His father was the director of Flight Safety International. We would love to get in touch with anyone who might remember him. We actually would love to relocate to Hudson or a surrounding area, next year after our oldest son graduates high school and prepares for college. Any advice on this process will be helpful. Mark is currently a Network Engineer and would be seeking work in that same field. Thanks so much!!!!
Denise Marvin
Richmond Hill, GA, USA - Saturday, April, 1, 2006 at 21:16:35 (EST)
Ken Birch from Hudson High class of '62 - where are you?
Steve Davyd <>
Wednesday, March, 29, 2006 at 19:48:22 (EST)
Amanda Walsh in These Girls: Fond memories of the Chat.
Only six years ago, former Rigaud resident and Hudson High grad AmandaWalsh was a part-time cashier at IGA on Main and pouring pints at the Chateau, saving every cent to pursue her dream of one day making it big in Hollywood.
Monday night, she was watched by millions on TV as she presented the prestigious Genie Award to Crash director Jean-Marc Vallée for Achievement in Direction at a gala evening in Toronto on stage in front of Canada's A list of our film industry's movers and shakers. Last week, she made her American network debut on the new ABC comedy series Sons and Daughters, while her latest movie, These Girls, has just been released in theatres throughout Canada.
But if you think that all this may have gone to her head, even just a little, then think again. For 24-year-old Amanda has her feet firmly on the ground and her heart still here in our community. "I may be living in West Hollywood and having the time of my life doing what I have always wanted to do," she told me on the phone from Toronto Sunday, "but I sure miss going for walks on Rigaud Mountain and sharing good times with my friends in Hudson. It's a great place for a kid to grow up. I love the community there and always will. In fact I was last in town this past Christmas and had a fantastic time at Losers' Night at the Chat. And I wouldn't have traded it for any Hollywood party."
With all respect to Rob Gale for tongue-in-cheekily dedicating his Christmas Day night party to losers, that word is simply not in Amanda's vocabulary. Even as a youngster, she always wanted to be an actor or a lawyer, which some wags might say amounts to the same thing. She loved writing and was always keenly interested in production.
Her first professional performance, in the Montreal-shot Nickelodeon children's series Are You Afraid of the Dark?, was at the tender age of 11. Her movie debut was as a VJ in Denys Arcand's Stardom, a pop culture satire, in 2000. Portents of things to come! But after graduating from John Abbott College the same year where she acted in plays, performed improv with the Uncalled For troupe that recently performed at The Village Theatre, and just before being accepted at Concordia to study communications, she surprised everyone by hopping on a flight for a six-month backpacking trip around Europe. To help finance her stay, she flipped crepes at the World's Fair in Hanover, Germany, for four months. "Crepes, crepes and more crepes," she laughs. "Strangely, and luckily, I never got sick of them. It was a wonderful time and it helped me focus on what I really wanted to do in my life."
Upon her return, she was immediately snapped up as a VJ by MuchMusic. "In my three years with the station, I learned how to produce and it really helped me build self-confidence. It also strengthened my improv skills which, in this buisness, is worth it's weight in gold."
As are her parents, Suzanne Walsh and Gordon McVicar, she says. "I am extremely lucky. They have both been always totally supportive of me whatever I chose to do. They have encouraged me to follow my dream. Mom was with me in L.A. just last week helping me buy plants and decorate my new apartment and I couldn't have done it without her. I talk to them on the phone regularly to catch up with all the news from back home. They have been great."
So how does she feel about her new series on ABC in which she plays Jenna, the 'it girl' in high school, now facing life as a young single mom living at home with her parents and with an attraction to bad boys? "I'm having an amazing time," she says. "Most of the dialogue is improvised, and the other actors I work with are inspiring."
As for her appearance at the Genies? "I consider it to be a great honour to have been invited," she replies. "I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love."
Sons and Daughters can be seen Tuesday nights on WVNY-22 at 9 p.m.
Delta from Hudson

Selkirk Provincial Park, on, canada - Saturday, March, 18, 2006 at 14:16:32 (EST)
Hello, I am from out West, but live in Montreal. I am very eager to ride horses (which I did for many years when I was younger), and/or work in a barn. Does anyone know of a place in or around Hudson where I could ride? Thanks, Rachel :
Rachel <>
Montreal, QC Canada - Thursday, March 09, 2006 at 14:58:08 (EST)