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The town of Hudson, Quebec, its places, people and businesses online.


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Kathleen Henry email:

Hi! I have a lot to thank your town for! My husband, children and I often visit the Hudson Flea Market and just by walking around seeing all the animals that people feel free to bring with them gave me a great idea to start my own company. It's been a few months now that I've been making Gift Baskets for Cats and Dogs and it's really Catching on. This is something I do from home, so that I can still be here for my children after school. Thanks again! My e-mail is We'll be back soon!

Sandra Rattray King

What a joy to find all the familar names and places that were such a big part of our lives from 1945 to the 70's.Those who know me, know how my father loved HHS and what pride he took in knowing you. He would be so proud to know how well you have all done. Well here we are in Florida and have been here 12 yrs. Janet lives in Toronto and is now visiting here 3rd grandson in Japan. Cathy lives in Tampa. Martha in Priscilla in We have an arm load of kids between the 5 of us and 5grandchildren. Cheers

Paul McMenamin email:

Hello again Hudsonites. The last time I wrote, I was in Istanbul, building telephone switches. I am moving to London to market optical networks now. But I am trying to get in touch with Peter Reid. If anyone knows where he is or how I can do that, please write to me at ''. The contrast between Istanbul and London is very big. I am finding it tough to adjust at the moment, but all things pass. Selam, Paul

Rod Hodgson email:

Hello from Sambro Creek, Nova Scotia. I am visiting the Allan & Peggy Weaver family who used to live on Selkirk, opposite me. Lovely spot, private beach with a $10,000,000 view, whales etc...Will be back in Hudson soon, but would rather stay here, I have found a good substitute for Hudson, well almost! Off to Lunenburg then Annapolis and more whale watching soon. So many ex-Hudsonites down here...Ryan Cregan Debbie Thompson, Ron Swan etc... Bye for now. Rod

Sam Harley email:

Heeeeeeeey Hudson! Real good to see a website keeping us connected. I'm teaching 2nd grade out in California, married with 2 kids. My brother John just had his first baby out in Toronto. Looking forward to coming back some time soon, but then... there's always the Hudson of the mind. ps if you run into my older brother Andy (now known as Marzuki) say hi. Do they still jump off the pier or is the water too gross now? It was then. Have a nice day, eh? Still kickin' in Ventura.

Mike McMenamin email:

Hudson was a great place to grow up! The fact that I meet people all over the place from Hudson indicates the spirit of adventure that was inculcated into us as a privileged bunch. Peter Hagberg is in Courtenay, B.C. Bob Bowen was in Black Creek last time I looked. John Houghton is on the West Coast. Craig Freeman is near Courtenay. Where is John Knox? Pat Griggs? Bob Gaudreau? How is Mal Hutchins doing? Bill Fabro is in the Dutch Antilles. He is a bank manager and the Canadian Consul General. Does Duffy Brett still play golf? Do they still make shandies at the Chateau du Lac? a bientot

Bob Angus email:

I have many found memories of Ben's restaurant and walking in with Billy Snelgrove with a sling of rabbits or partridge over our shoulders with our rifles at our side and ordering one of Ben's best hot dogs and a coke. This was our gathering place in the 50's. How times have changed. Imagine walking down Main Road today with our guns!!!! Became a Grandfather on May 8th 1999. Our son Ian and Claudette who live in Toronto had a 7lbs 7ozs baby girl...Kirsten. All is well.

Andrea Spitzer email:

Hi there. I've been going to Hudson for years now - usually visiting on Saturdays, during the summer. I have fallen in love with the place, and would love to move there. If anyone has a suggestion for me in terms of how I an accomplish this dream, please let me know. Professinally, I am a public relations specialist. However, in a yet unmanifested life, I am a screenwriter/producer. Any suggestions you could offer to help me realize this dream would be ...great! Thanks.

Paul Arthorne (fish) email:

Hey hey, some people might remember me. Grad 89. real skinny quiet guy who was always picked last for teams in Gym class. Who remembers the rugby 86 team ?, they kicked ass!! Who remembers when the Ultramar on Harwood was the Golden Eagle! and When Finnegan's was on both sides of the road and was the only flea market in town!! Food for thought.

Marilyn Cleary email:

Hi, We are being transferred from beautiful, B.C. to La Belle Province. Hudson looks like a good place to live. Could someone please E-mail to me the gardening zone number of your area. I would like to see if I can take a little of my existing garden with me. Thank-you

Peter Geier email:

Hello every one in Hudson. I am in El Salvator City ,rigth now.It is very beautiful down here,but my soul is still in Hudson,PQ with a special Person. I hope ,I be back soon. Your Town reminds me,as the town, I was born in Germany,no fears,to walk around at midnight. see you all soon. peter

Gretzky email:

this is gretzky from victoria b.c. just sending a message of thanks to all my friends at the willow place. the memories are as vivid now as they were 6 years ago when my stint at mon village and the willow ended. special hello to ron rozon for putting up with me for so many years and helping me grow up. see you all soon in september ,gretzky

Katherine Warren (Jephcott) email:

Hi Hudsonites! Here I am sitting in sunny southern California and wondering what the temperature is there in good ol' Hudson. In spite of the lovely weather here, from time to time, I certainly remember my days in Hudson. Fortunately, I still get back to visit occasionally, and have several friends come out here to visit ie. Gail & Leslie Legate, the Kimptons, Johanna & Gus Wilson, as well as my sisters, Cairine and Susan. My brother Bob's has two children living out here, and I get to see John Astwood the odd time in my travels up to San Francisco. It sure is a small world. We are all blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up in "old" Hudson, Bens, the skating rink, HYC, and good ol' Hudson High. Yea to the class of '59 - eh Senneker!!! (That's exclusive to our class)

P Jones email:

Hello from South Carolina. Thank you Hudson for all the great memories and to the girl that stole my heart.