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Strange Winter Weather
January 2007

The topic most on everyone's mind over the holidays was the strange weather. There was icy rain just before Christmas but it all melted before causing too many problems and it finally snowed the day after Christmas. Since then, it has been warm with even warmer temperatures, up into the teens, forecast. The lake keeps freezing and breaking up again and there were still geese around, swimming in the open bits. Weather specialists say that, while global warming is a trend, you can't deduce that individual weather anomalies are caused by global warming. They also rule out El Ninio because the pattern doesn't match. Basically, we are just seeing an unusually mild winter.

The weather was a bit more seasonal by mid-January but the lake was still not frozen over and there was unlikely to be an ice bridge this year. Lower temperatures are predicted but past predictions for snow and sub-zero temperatures have turned out to be wrong this year. This is not just a local phenomenon - Hudson's Bay is not frozen over yet for the first time in living memory.