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Smokers at the Chateau
January 2007, subsequently updated

If you're wondering about the plastic curtains on the porch of the Chateau du Lac, that's to prevent the smokers from catching cold. Most of the local food and drink establishments either were already smoke free or have had little trouble convincing people to abstain for a couple of hours while on the premises, to satisfy the new Quebec law. But for those who are used to enjoying a smoke and a brew together, being limited to just the brew part doesn't quite do it. So there is often a jolly crowd there in the corner of the porch and they are luck it is a mild winter.

A few weeks later it got cold and the Chateau put up little infrared heaters. Anything to keep the customers happy. Perhaps they could turn one of the upstairs rooms into a smoking lounge, similar to the enterprising bar owner downtown who made an apartment in the same building available to his smokers.