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Patricia Jolicoeur Accident
November 2007, subsequently updated

What appears to have been a race involving two cars in Saddlebrooke resulted in life-threatening injuries for a local resident Patricia Jolicoeur, and the death of her dog. The resident was walking her dog on Yearling near Stallion when she was hit by one of two cars driving side by side at high speed. Both drivers left the scene of the accident but both returned to give themselves up to police. The victim is in a coma and both drivers may be charged with various offences resulting from the accident but alcohol does not seem to have been a factor.

More than two weeks later, Patricia Jolicoeur, the 27 year old St. Lazare woman who was hit by a car in Saddlebrooke on November 29 remains in a coma at the Montreal General Hospital. While Edward Hakim has been charged with dangerous driving and hit and run, the police are still investigating whether the accident was the result of two cars racing. In any case, witnesses say that the cars were driving side by side at a speed well above the speed limit.

By Janury, 2007 Patricia Jolicoeur is out of her coma but seems to have suffered brain damage and is partly paralyzed. The police have not made public any further news after studying the accident scene and no new charges have been laid. Residents and especially the family of the victim are wondering what can be done to force drivers to reduce speed in these residential areas.

In mid-January 2007 the police concluded that there is not enough evidence to lay additional charges in the case of the Patricia Jolicoeur accident in Saddlebrooke. While residents who saw the two cars involved in the accident say they seemed to be racing each other, the police found no corroborating evidence. As a result, the second driver will not be charged and no additional charges will be laid against the driver who hit the young woman and her dog.