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Goth Member Posts Hudson Threat on Internet

Dawson shooter Kimveer Gill posted extensively on a website called where he published pictures of himself with his weapons and where he called himself the "Angel of Death". The website members seem to be mainly kids with tattoos, brightly coloured hair, various piercings, with a preference for dressing in black and acting out anti-authoritarian fantasies. Along with Gill however, there seem to be some with serious mental problems who are attracted to this website and use it to express their violent thoughts, death wishes and plans for killings.

On Sunday, September 17, a Toronto paper published an article on Gill and the website and quoted a 15 year old member from Quebec with the alias "punchblades" who had posted the following: "...What the fuck is going on in this world? One girl dies and everyone throws a fucking hissy fit. Kimveer Gill was a saint. The police are still wondering what his motive is, but it's so obvious. He was sick and tired of the way things are run, he merely did the best he could by shooting random people. I don't think he qualifies for such a good title as 'Angel of Death' he was not very skilled at ending lives and only killed one person.This will happen at Hudson High School Senior, and when it does, I can't wait to die, or help in the process..."

Hudson residents who saw the reference were shocked that Hudson and Hudson High (Westwood Senior) would feature in such a post and wonder what can be done. One resident was glad that she no longer had children at the school and wondered if parents would keep their kids home. Questions remain as to the identity of "punchblades" and whether it is even known to the owners of the website.

There are calls for blocking this website for Canadian residents but it seems a futile reaction. It is unlikely that the website is causing the violent behaviour but rather that it attracts violent people. Rather than blocking or shutting down such sites, police should be monitoring them to find potential troublemakers and trouble spots before anything happens.

Residents are wondering whether such a threat will be taken seriously by the authorities and what action can be taken and would be appropriate. At the very least, increased security at the Hudson school would seem to be required.

(Editor's note: We have informed the Surete de Quebec by email at regarding this story.)