Hudson, Quebec, Canada  
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Hudson to Get a New Well

The hydrological survey commissioned by the town has indicated that the water situation for Hudson is quite good. Town plans for a new well are supported and, once the new well is completed together with other improvements to the water system, the town expects some of the colour and odour to decrease and to have better pressure at the extreme ends of the present system.

The brown colour and some of the odour is caused by increasing quantities of iron and manganese in the water and it has been getting worse in one of the Wellesley Avenue wells. That well will likely be shut down once the new well is on stream.

The new well is planned for the area along the Viviry and preliminary drilling will have to be done first to find water. With additional permits and work, the project may take another year to finish and cost up to $2,000,000.00. The town will then look at whether the whole system has to be chlorinated. Hudson is the only town in the area which at present does not chlorinate its water and that has resulted in some "boil water" advisories. In the end, the town hopes to improve the overall system and provide better quality water to the residents.