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Historic Buildings, Hello Dolly, New Private Schools

Residents Honoured for Restoring Historical Buildings

The Town of Hudson has decided to celebrate and recognize the efforts of local residents to preserve and restore buildings which have historical value for Hudson. The town planning bylaw is five years old and it seemed an appropriate time to choose five residents who had made special efforts with their properties.

Those who remember what the Chateau du Lac used to look like not too long ago can only agree that Robbie Gale deserves his award for his work on that building. The Hodgsons get their award for work on the sister building of the Chateau du Lac, the former Muir's Inn in Choisi, on the southwest corner of Main and Montee Lavigne. With the renovations, the similarities between the two century buildings are easily apparent.

The owners of two other houses, across from each other in Como, also received awards. The Gentiles bought the old Schneider's Inn, one of the oldest houses in Hudson if not the oldest, and did extensive renovations without affecting the essential look of the building. It dates from the late eighteenth century. Across Main Road is the home of the Lawrences whose renovation work was also honoured. Lastly, Daniel Lalonde received an award for his work on the old Robinson farm house in eastern Como.

Award winners will receive plaques and the town intends to continue to honour residents who make such special efforts in the future.

The Hudson Music Club Presents Hello Dolly

Matchmaker Dolly Levi played by Gail Marchand and a large cast in wonderful costumes sing and dance to entertain at the Grand Theatre in the Cite des Jeunes in Vaudreuil. Newcomers old and young join Music Club veterans to present this popular piece. After experimenting with pre-recorded music some years back, the Music Club seems to have returned firmly into the live music camp and even expanded the usual piano accompaniment with drums, flute and violin.

New Hudson Area Private Schools

The announcement of the new elementary school by the Lester B. Pearson School Board has not put a dent in planned enrollment in two new private schools which are still signig up students but which have both confirmed plans to open in the fall.

The Hudson Montessori School's Casa Bambini (3 - 6 years) will open in September and the new Vision School has purchased land and will break ground for their new building in April. Both have enough students signed up to open but both are still taking registrations. The Vision school will be located in Vaudreuil and there are plans for a high school at the same location later. With the public school system unwilling/unable to address the projected overcrowding in the area, the private sector is stepping in to take up some of the challenge.